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Most drivers need sponsorship. The best way to gain sponsorship is to market yourself in an exciting and professional manner. An Impact Reel is an excellent way to get you out in front of the right people. Get a Quote now, and move into the fast lane toward success.

" The team at Cargo Productions are experienced, professional, and knowledgeable about racing. They understand the sport, both from a competitive and a business standpoint, and they get the job done. We love working with Jeff and Brian! "

- Michelle Kish, Pro Mazda COO and Series Manager

" My Impact Reel turned out great and I can see how it will help me gain traction with target sponsors. Instead of a potential backer reading about myself now they can see the real me and this gives a better chance at setting up a meeting. "

- Peter Dempsey, Professional Race Car Champion

" Jeff, Brian, and the staff at Cargo Productions know what it takes for a driver to succeed in professional motorsports. They understand the relationship between sponsors and drivers and how to help get the two parties together, to the benefit of both. They do wonders with visual messages that are succinct and effective. Our experience with them has always shown positive outcomes. "

- Gary Rodrigues. Star Mazda Founder and Series President of 22 years

" When Jeff and Brian showed up with a camera wanting to document the 2008 Star Mazda season, everyone in the paddock was a little wary about letting a film crew shoot a documentary. However, Jeff and Brian showed that they were true professionals when it came to filming racing and they were legitimately interested in showing the true story, not editing the footage to create reality-show drama. They let the drivers, crew, and engineers tell the story through the season, and by the season finale, teams were asking Jeff and Brian to film certain footage rather than limiting their access. Cargo Productions was great to work with during the 2008 Star Mazda year, and their understanding of racing will certainly give their impact reels an edge as they focus on a driver's strengths to display towards sponsors. "

- John Edwards, Multi-Championship Winning Professional Race Car Driver

" I meet Jeff and Brian two years ago to discuss a similar project they have produced with their award winning movie ‘Driven to Race.’ Their in-depth knowledge of the sport and business side of it especially for up and coming driver's is astonishing.

You can’t advance in racing without sponsorship - and sponsorship is all about the marketing and how you present yourself to potential program partners and prospects. Jeff and Brian definitely have the production background and the racing knowledge to help drivers market their careers.

The team at Cargo Productions understand the importance of relationships between Drivers and Sponsors and they have the ability to help bring the two together.

- Matthias Czabok, President Movement Arts LLC – FlatOutNation

Let us help you tell your story. Make an Impact - with Impact Reels!

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